Today I Am Grateful For: 9 minutes in the car

Most winter days, I drive my wife into work. Often, I’ve already started on something by the time my wife is ready and she yells up to me in my office “Time to go.” I stop what I’m doing. I go downstairs. I grumble about the hassle of driving. I put on my coat and grab the keys. I drive her in and drop her off.

It takes about 9 minutes for us to make it downtown to her office. That is 20 minutes out of my day.

I can’t think of a better use of 9-minutes. This is our time. We talk about things. We discuss our plans for the day or week or month. We share some gossip. We make some decisions. I tell her to have a good day. She kisses me goodbye.

This 9-minutes each day is ours and I treasure it.

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