Today I Am Grateful For: Being Unmotivated

Yesterday was a very unmotivated day. Really. I don’t know why, but I was lethargic, lazy, and procrastinated most of the day away.  I accomplished next to nothing.

The funny thing, I realized it as it was happening. I also knew what I should do to get myself going…I mean I develop motivational programs for a living. I know the theories and the research behind this. I know the tricks of what I could do to jump start myself…I just didn’t want to do any of those things.

So I didn’t.

But it made me realize again, how tricky this motivation thing is. How we too often tend to think that we can fix someone’s motivation – even when they don’t want it to be fixed.

It makes me think harder about what we do when we try to motivate people. It makes me realize that the answers are never as simple as we would hope. It makes me realize that we need to work harder at this stuff to make sure we aren’t just giving people the same old same old…I mean hell, if I can’t get myself motivated some days…

I’m grateful for yesterday. It grounds me. Makes me realize that we need to think about this more and figure out other ways…ones that maybe I won’t just blow off when I’m feeling a bit lazy….

Tell me about your yesterday – were you motivated?

5 thoughts on “Today I Am Grateful For: Being Unmotivated

  1. I was uber motivated yesterday. Been trying to load up on Hinda’s blog content arsenal for the last few days. It’s been challenging but for me personally, very engaging.

    That said, I can totally relate to your day yesterday. There are those days when nothing will motivate me. Some days it’s good to fight it. Some days you just have to let it happen and let it pass


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