5 thoughts on “What Do Manager’s Need?

  1. Jeff Savilla

    My perspective has always been share just the basics and give a path to deeper learning for those that seek it.

    Simply put give them a simple tool to say great and a means to identify what works and then offer links for more.

    In retail today there are even more then ever limited hours and contacts with all associates that work at a location. This makes it essential to get the 2 or at most 3 key targeted points across as concisely as possible then build a program that reinforces that on a personal level.

    Just my 2 cents based on 50 or so campaigns for 3oK associates over a couple years. Then again I could be wrong..it happens often and I love that this keeps me learning!


    1. stonesk

      Good Morning Jeff,

      Thank you for participating in the poll. It is a fine balance between sharing the basics and providing depth that includes key insights for managers. It is the beauty and curse of learning since each person learns a different way and at a different pace. But it does make it more interesting because without it there would be little growth.

      I love your passion for learning, thank you for sharing your insights and keep on learning!



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  3. The options are great – interesting that the awards score low – not good news for the big boys.

    But really THE most important thing is a commitment from TOP management that this is a mission critical issue for the future – ties to productivity, innovation, quality, etc.

    Most companies spend more on janitorial service than engaging employees (I didn’t use motivation on purpose!)


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